For the 2017 - 2018 school year, we have the privilege to serve 100 children in kindergarten through the eighth grade attending  different elementary and middle schools in inner-city Knoxville.


Check out the details of our client base below:


 Male: 53%

Female: 47%



Kindergarten: 6%

1st Grade: 19%

2nd Grade: 15%

3rd Grade: 23%

4th Grade: 7%

5th Grade: 9%

Middle School: 21%


Lives with:

 Single Parent Home: 55%

Two Parent Home: 42%

Grandparent Home: 3%

Foster Parent Home: 1%



Bearden Middle  

    Beaumont Elementary 

              Belle Morris Elementary             

Christenberry Elementary

Emerald Academy 

Green Magnet

Lonsdale Elementary

Maynard Elementary


Sarah Moore Green Elementary

Vine Middle

West Haven Elementary

Westview Elementary



African American: 80%

Caucasian: 9%

Hispanic: 2%

Bi-Racial: 9%


Free and Reduced-Cost Lunch:

87% of Wesley House students