Success Stories

What Wesley House Means to Me

To our children:

“I like coming to Wesley House because you can see your friends, make new friends, and have fun. I don’t have to be home by myself after school like some other kids my age.”  Mia, age 8

To our seniors:

“Wesley House just took me under their wing and it just lifted my spirits. And when I’m not around them, I miss them. They take time out for the seniors, and I appreciate that.”  Miss Ollie

To our parents:

“Having her here is more than just having her in an after-school program. Wesley House does a great job with helping her with homework, but it also is a great place for her to learn how to interact with people from all backgrounds, to expand her world, and all in a Christian atmosphere. We are so thankful for her being here.”

Parents of a 9-year-old who attends Wesley House

To an alumnus:

“If Wesley House hadn’t stepped in, I would probably be living on the streets. I’m in tenth grade and have all Honors classes; I make As and Bs on my report cards. Wesley House gave me hope for the future. They made me have big dreams and I want to accomplish those dreams.”  Marco

To an assistant principal from a school we work with:

“I am so appreciative of Wesley House for the love, care, guidance, and teaching to the students we both serve.”  Kristi Woods, Beaumont Magnet Honors Academy